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want to sell more?

You’ve had a Persuasion Audit.

You know your Persuasion Gaps.

Now it’s time to transform your offer into an Objection-Proof, Competition-Proof, Cash-Generating Masterpiece!



You’ve tried to create your offer many times… You’ve written it.  Rewritten it.  Tearing it apart and putting it back together.

But ALL you hear is crickets🦗🦗 .

I am here to help you create an offer using neuro-tactics to weave in the deeper psychological triggers that make people say “Yes!”

It’s NOT words or designs. But Neuromarketing Principles.

Persuasion Implementation Plan Options

What Our Clients Have to Say…

"Karen Grill’s approach to giving my sales page a face lift is incredibly eye-opening. I’ve done all the courses and have learned all the recipes for sales pages, but Every. Single. Suggestion. that Karen had for my site were challenging, enlightening and at last inspiring. There are sooooo many tweaks that I’m gonna make and I can’t wait to see the difference these changes make for my conversion rates. I highly recommend you work with her ASAP."

Sarah Michelle Brown, Videos That Shine

"Karen Grill is an amazing resource! My business partner and I have made a lot of changes to our website, our social media, and our advertising strategy based on her advice. There were many small details that we would have missed but Karen showed us where to look to find opportunities to improve and to bring more visitors to our website and turn those visitors into customers. We’re already seeing positive results."

Michaelle Scanlon, Garden Spots

Karen Grill

Business Coach & Certified Master Persuader

Hi, I’m Karen.  I’m your funnel loving expert who was trained in the science of persuasion, sales psychology, offers that convert and invincible funnels.

After starting my first online business over 12 years ago, I found that the biggest issues most of my clients have is their offers and funnels. I love ripping lame funnels and wimpy offers apart and creating ones that dominate.

Learning how to optimize your offers and funnels will allow you to earn “beaucoup de bucks” and have the impact you crave.


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Persuasion Implementation Plan Options

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