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Persuasion Shift #92 – When Selling Limit the Options

Did you know that the average American makes about 70 choices in a typical day?  (Sheena Iyengar Ted Talk; Columbia Business)

 Humans have a hard time making decisions if they have too many options.

While many people respond to several choices in the beginning – it hinders the ability to make a decision and hit the buy button.  Most of us think that choice is a good thing, yet we get overwhelmed when there are too many choices to make.

People will either delay making the decision, or make a choice that then makes them less satisfied.

So what does this mean for us as business owners?

When creating an offer – you don’t want a lot of options.  If it’s your first time – maybe you give them one choice.

Otherwise, you could offer 3 options – which you will see frequently.  Silver, Gold, Platinum.  DIY, Group, VIP.

What options do you offer?

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