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Persuasion Shift #1 – Persuasion is NOT Manipulation

⁣Persuasion is aligning your product or service with your ideal buyers.⁣

⁣The difference between persuasion and manipulation is often around intent.⁣

⁣If you’re persuading – you’re helping. If you truly believe that your product or service can transform someone’s life – of course you need to show them.⁣

⁣Manipulation is about coercion, control and is self-centered.⁣  You want the sale EVEN IF it’s not the best option for the customer.

⁣Persuasion is about serving your audience.⁣

⁣It’s strategies, tools and a knowledge of how to present facts that show people why your solution is the best.⁣

⁣If you know that your offers are transformative and you’re the best kept secret – you must work on your persuasion skills.⁣


Persuasion is Not Manipulation
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