Do You Have an Offer that...

  • doesn't sell at all...
  • sells one or two...but is not a money maker
  • leaves you hearing crickets 🦗🦗when you share it on Social Media...
  • doesn't leave people scrambling to find their credit cards to work with you...
  • leaves you frustrated not knowing what to try next...?

Then you NEED an Offer Audit!

Comprehensive Offer Audit

The Offer Audit is part of the Persuasion Audit Tool which examines every single component of your offer to ensure that it triggers the deeper psychological reasons people say "Yes."

This isn't hit or miss. This is scientifically-backed persuasion codes to unlock lucrative, stellar offers.

Limited time Price: $497.00

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The Persuasion Audit Tool is a one of a kind software that covers over 200 psychological motivations, biases and triggers that are needed to make the sale. Watch it in action!

How does the Offer Audit Work?

When you sign up, you will complete a form with a link to your offer. When we hop on the call, I will use the Persuasion Audit Tool to diagnose your offer. I will share my insights and answer any questions. Then I will generate a Persuasion Audit Report for you.

Persuasion Audit Tool

This revolutionary new tool covers all the psychological triggers and neuromarketing principles that are needed to make a sale.

Certified Master Persauder

There are only 16 Certified Master Persuaders in the world authorized to use this tool. We went through four months of trianing on the psychology of persuasion as well as learning how to use this tool.

Persuasion Audit Report

At the end of the audit, you will receive a Persuasion Audit Report. It outlines the methodology of the tool as well as a rating, some suggestions and recommendations.

Your Offer

If you know your offer isn't converting...

You need to identify and fix your persuasion gaps if you want to sell. You need to take your offer from "ho-hum" to an objection-proof, cash-generating, irresistible offer that has people clamoring to find their wallets and pay you!

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Why Listen to Me?

Karen Grill

Business Coach & Certified Master Persuader

Hi, I'm Karen.  I'm your funnel loving expert who was trained in the science of persuasion, sales psychology, offers that convert and invincible funnels.

After starting my first online business over 12 years ago, I found that the biggest issues most of my clients have is their offers and funnels. I love ripping lame funnels and wimpy offers apart and creating ones that dominate.

Learning how to optimize your offers and funnels will allow you to earn "beaucoup de bucks" and have the impact you crave.

Here's What Our Clients Say About the Offer Audit Experience

"Karen is a sharp and savvy business owner who has seen the trends come and go during her 12 years. She knows what matters and what doesn't and understands the how important it is to experiment. That's why she's so skilled with the Persuasion Audit Tool. Her ability to tune in with the heart of a business and a brand means she understands when and how to apply different methods for best effect. You want her expertise!"

— Steph Lagana, Mythical Enterprises

Karen Grill is an amazing resource! My business partner and I have made a lot of changes to our website, our social media, and our advertising strategy based on her advice. There were many small details that we would have missed but Karen showed us where to look to find opportunities to improve and to bring more visitors to our website and turn those visitors into customers. We’re already seeing positive results.

— Michaelle Scanlon, Garden Spots.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Audit Right For Me?

Are you a service-based entrepreneur? Do you have an offer? Is it not selling? Then an offer audit is definitely for you!

How Much Does It Cost?

It's currently at an introductory price of $497.00 - which is an amazing deal! You get the power of the Persuasion Audit Tool, my understanding of the art and science of persuasion - as well as a report with a rating and some suggestions at the end!

Is There A Refund Policy?

Since it is an online call, real-time audit with the Persuasion Tool and me - there are no refunds.

How Long Does It Take?

The call is typically around 35 - 45 minutes, depending on the questions you have.

What If I Have Questions Or Need Additional Support?

On the call, you'll be able to ask any questions you like. I am also available to help you in implementing changes. We can discuss any additional support you may need on the call.

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