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Persuasion Shift #27:  The Focusing Effect


For a sales page, the focusing effect can have a profound impact.


Basically, the Focusing Effect is when a person focuses only on the most prevalent aspect or the most recent aspect of something – while other potentially useful pieces of information are discarded.  This effect explains why we often make poor decisions.


As business owners, we need to keep that in mind.  When we’re writing our offers, don’t include long lists of reasons or features or random facts.  Instead, we want to make sure that we make the most prominent component – the most compelling.   We also need to ensure that one of the last things they read is this compelling component.

We want to help people make the best decisions.  By understanding some of the biases that humans have, we can showcase the best feature of our offer so that the “right” clients will buy.


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Persuasion Shift #27- The Focusing Effect
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