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Do you know the biggest challenge your business is facing?

I am Karen Grill, a certified Fix This Next Advisor.  I can help you identify your biggest challenge and help you fix it.

What is Fix This Next?

Fix This Next is a book by best-selling author Michael Michalowicz, who also wrote 

  • Profit First
  • Pumpkin Plan
  • Clockwork
  • Surge
  • Toilet Paper Entrepreneur


Fix This Next is a system to identify and resolve needs in a sequence facilitating the fastest and healthiest growth.

In this book, he created a “Business Hierarchy of Needs” based off of Maslow’s Hierarchy of personal needs, which is the basis for his system.

As a certified advisor, I’m there to help guide you using this diagnostic tool.

the process



Go through a series of questions to understand where your business is on the Business Hierarchy of Needs.


From the assessment we will identify the biggest challenge for your business that needs to be addressed first.



Now that you know your biggest challenge, you work on resolving this first issue.

if there’s a book, why do i need your help?

As a certified advisor, I have received additional training and materials to help walk businesses through the process.  

In addition, I have


Lack of Bias


Lack of distraction

I’m here to help.

Fresh Perspective

identifying challenges and Solving them.

Small businesses often know they have a problem – they’re working ridiculous hours, jumping from one task to another – but aren’t sure how to identify it, how to prioritize it and how to solve it.

From My Clients

I’ve been fortunate to work with a variety of highly talented business owners.

“I always hesitate before working with someone if I think I could figure it out myself if I just tried hard enough.

Listening to Karen for just a half hour showed me that she has real actionable strategies to help me.”

Sori A.

Founder, Focal Point Graphics

Karen is clearly dedicated to her work in helping clients succeed in their businesses.  

I enjoyed working with Karen as she is easy to talk to, very responsive, helpful and is so knowledgeable about so many areas of business including technology, productivity, mindset and systems which was incredibly helpful to me in the earlier stages of my business.”

Stephanie Frumpkin

Founder, Exceptional Educational Solutions

Let’s pinpoint your biggest challenge so your business can grow

I would love to work with you to create a solid foundation for your business. 

Schedule a free consultation.

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